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Stockpile Transitioned to Paid Membership
Stockpile Transitioned to Paid Membership

Includes a redesigned mobile experience and new features. Membership, Subscription

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4 Benefits You Get with Your Paid Membership

  • 1 adult investing account and up to 5 kids investing accounts with each monthly membership.

  • Real-time crypto investing—as simple as buying stocks!

  • A brand new, redesigned mobile experience.

  • Instant debit-card funding, up to $2,000 per year.


When did paid membership begin?

Stockpile is now a paid membership service: $4.95 per month. The transition to paid membership began August 17, 2022 for all customers. (See terms and conditions.)

Why is Stockpile no longer free to use?

Over the last 10 years, Stockpile has made investing easy and accessible with features like fractional share investing, debit-card funding, and gift cards redeemable for stock. Last year, we were even able to provide fee-free funding for accounts, and we were able to remove commissions on buying and selling stocks. And now, we launched real-time crypto investing.

To support these exciting upgrades and continue to provide the best experience, we transitioned to a paid membership service.

What if I don't want a membership?

Here are the three alternative options aside from membership:

  • Sell stocks and transfer funds (no cost, but a linked bank account is required), then close your account. There could be tax implications to selling stock, so please consult with your tax advisor. This could take 5 to 7 business days.

  • Sell stocks and receive a check ($5 check fee deducted from your account’s cash balance), then close your account. As noted above, there could be tax implications to selling stock, so please consult with your tax advisor. Accounts must have only cash and no securities.

    • Note: Stockpile does NOT charge any fees for this transfer, but our clearing firm (APEX Clearing) charges a $75 fee. The fee is deducted from your account’s cash balance prior to the transfer. This could take up to 7 to 15 business days.

If you need assistance, please contact customer care by clicking or tapping the help icon in the screen's lower right-hand corner.

What happens if my account balance is $0, or I have less than $4.95. Will I keep getting charged?

If you have less than $4.95 in your Stockpile account and you don’t take any action, your account balance will go to $0 when the membership fee is drawn. You will not hold a negative balance, and you will not receive any further bills. (See terms and conditions.)

Are there any trading fees?

Stockpile does not charge commissions for the purchase or sale of securities or cryptocurrencies, and there are no trading fees for securities. We don’t charge a trading activity fee (TAF) or SEC fees, which are standard fees people often pay through other brokerages. Here is more information on fees.

A 100 basis point (1%) spread is charged by Bakkt on crypto trades to cover the costs associated with facilitating transactions and storing crypto, which is commonplace wherever crypto is traded. This will be reflected in the execution price when Bakkt executes the buy or sell order.

Will Stockpile take money from my linked bank account or linked debit cards?

No, unless you specifically ask us to do so. Membership fees can be drawn from available cash or securities in your Stockpile account.

Who do I contact with any questions about Stockpile membership?

As always, our team is ready and available to offer assistance. If you have any questions, click or tap on the help icon in the lower right-hand corner of this screen to connect with Customer Care support.

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