Major Banks

If you have a checking account with one of the major US Banks such as Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, it takes seconds to link your bank account!

To link your major bank:

  • Open the sidebar menu

  • Tap on Banking

  • Tap on Get Cash from bank

  • Enter an amount then Tap on Get Cash - (don't worry you don't have to complete the transfer if you plan to deposit later.)

  • Choose 3 day Transfer then Link Your Bank Account

  • Search your bank from the list of major banks and Tap on your Bank

  • Enter your online banking username and password

  • Choose the account you would like to be linked

Smaller Banks and Credit Unions

For Smaller banks and Credit Unions you might not be able to find your bank listed on the plaid tool. If this is the case then you can still fund your account using a debit card.

Should you need to make a withdrawal from your account, email, and for faster service make sure to include your current mailing address.

Pro Tip: 

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