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Transferring Stock to Another Brokerage
Transferring Stock to Another Brokerage

Transferring stock and cash from Stockpile to another brokerage - ACAT

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We can assist with any transfer of your stock to another brokerage.  You will start the process by engaging with the receiving brokerage.  They will require a recent Stockpile account statement that you can download from the "Documents" section of the Stockpile app.  We will receive instructions from the receiving brokerage and work with them to facilitate the transfer.  

Important items to note:

  • There is a $75 fee for outbound transfers.  You will want to ensure that your Stockpile account has a cash balance of $75 or more to cover the fee.

  • All fractional shares will be liquidated and funds from the stock sells will be transferred.

  • If you are doing a full account transfer your Stockpile account will be closed.  If you intend to continue investing at Stockpile you will need to open a new account.  If you do a partial transfer your Stockpile account will remain open.

  • Your account will be restricted during the transfer.  This is to ensure that your stock positions and cash balance do not change while the transfer is processed.  Please download any account statements, trade confirmation, and 1099 tax documents prior to initiating an outbound transfer as you won't be able to access your account or these documents in the future.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.  Since outbound transfers are initiated by the receiving brokerage you will want to check with them specifically on:

  • Will they cover the $75 transfer fee?

  • Do they need any additional documentation other than an account statement?

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