You can close your Stockpile Account at any time. FYI your account is free, and there are no monthly or annual fees for keeping it open. 

If you still want to continue, the account closure process is fairly straightforward and I can help you with that:

First, you need to liquidate your assets. You can find out how here.

  • It takes up to 3 business days to settle your orders

Second, you need to withdraw all of your funds from your Stockpile account. You can find out how here.

  • You will need a bank account linked to your Stockpile account to be able to complete this process.

  • It takes up to 5 business days to send your funds to your bank account.

Lastly, fill out the Account Closure form.

  • Please keep in mind, only after you complete all of the steps above, we can cancel your account.

*Due to Securities Exchange Act Rule 17a-3 and Rule 17a-4, we have to preserve certain books and records. Your information security is very important to us; we only keep this data to fulfill our regulatory requirements.

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