Banks that do not link with Stockpile

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Trying to link a bank? We make this as simple as possible! By using the Plaid tool in the application, you can link your bank to Stockpile to help fund your investment goals, and you can learn more about that process here.

Some smaller banks and credit unions might not have Plaid support just yet, and won't be able to link this way. If the bank has any kind of two factor authentication, then you won't be able to link the bank either. Lastly some banks, such as Chime, Green Dot, or Truist bank, to name a few, are unable to be linked, but those are for different reasons. In any of these instances we wouldn't be able to force your bank to be linked to the account though.

If your bank however is a regular checking account, with a pretty common bank, then you can get started faster. If your bank isn't listed, you can still fund with a debit card, and you can read more about that here, but you won't be able to withdraw cash to a debit card. If you were trying to make a withdrawal, we can send you a check, but please note this has a $5 processing fee.

For a check, send an email to, with your mailing address written out, as well as a confirmation you're okay with the processing fee. From there our team can get this request into the system, and you would have a check via USPS within about 10-14 business days once it's been approved.

You will need to have the cash available in your account though, so if you were trying to withdraw funds that were currently invested, you would need to sell that stock first, but if you are unsure how to do this, then this article here might be able to help you out. You will want to also make sure your mailing address is up to date using the information here.

Hope this helps, but if you have any questions let us know!


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