We aim to make it as simple as possible to buy and sell stock. If you think it is time to sell the stock that you own, just follow these steps:

On your mobile app:

  • Right when you log in, you will see your portfolio information. Scroll down this page, and you will find your stock listed.

  • Tap on the stock you want to sell, and hit the orange sell button to the bottom left of the screen.

  • Select how many shares you'd like to sell, then hit Next

  • Scroll down and hit Place Order

  • You are all set!

*If you place an order by 3 pm ET on a day the stock market is open, the order will execute at the stock’s closing market price that day. (The cut-off time is a little earlier if the market is closing early, for example, the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve.) If it is entered after this cut-off time or on a weekend or holiday, this order will carry over to the next business day, where it will be completed at that day's closing price.

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