There are two ways to move cash between your Stockpile account and your bank account.

Using Your Bank Account

The first way (linked bank) enables you to move cash in and out of your Stockpile account for free within 3 business days. If you don't have a bank account linked, you can learn how you can by clicking here.

Important Reminders

  • Please be sure you have enough cash in your checking account before you transfer any cash to Stockpile.  There's a $30 fee for insufficient funds — a fee we hate, but this is what the bank charges when it happens, and we want to save you from ever having to pay it.

  • Due to the financial regulations, you will always need to have a bank account linked to withdraw money from your account.

Using your debit card 

The second way (debit card) allows you to move cash in and buy stock instantly up to $1,000 (per day).

To do this, click "Transfer cash" on the Cash tile in your dashboard, then "Get cash from bank," then enter the dollar amount you want to transfer.   On the next screen, click on "Instantly."  The first time around, you'll need to "add new debit card."  From then on, you can just pull up your saved card.

Keep in mind that most banks limit your transfer request to the amount you have in the bank.

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