Updating Your Address

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You can easily change your home address by following the steps below:

  • Log in to your account using your computer

  • Go to Settings

  • Click Edit

  • Type your address

  • Click Update

Also, please make sure it's not a P.O. Box. We need your street address to comply with government regulations. We are able to list a P.O. Box for a mailing address, but we need a valid street address for your residential address. Not to worry, we won't be sending you a bunch of mail!

  • Pro Tip #1: If you are getting an error, please make use that you are using the USPS standard. You can check whether your address complies with it by clicking here.

  • Pro Tip #2: If you live in an apartment/suite/unit, you will need to put the necessary abbreviation. For example, instead of just entering "#5," you need to put "APT 5."

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