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Can I connect directly to TurboTax to import my 1099?
Can I connect directly to TurboTax to import my 1099?

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Yes! When your 1099 is available in your Stockpile account you will be able to import it directly into TurboTax.  You will not be able to import it sooner.  When you are completing your tax return and it is time to enter 1099 information you can use the TurboTax import feature.  

Here is how you can import your tax document to your TurboTax:

1. After starting a new return from the File menu, please select 'Import', then choose 'From Financial Institution'.

2. On the next screen, type “Apex” into the field titled ‘I’m looking for’ and then select ‘Apex Clearing Corporation.’ Click Continue.

3. Next you will be presented with a login screen. Your login credentials are predetermined by their level of access to Apex Online. If you already use Apex Online, then they will use those credentials to import their Consolidated 1099 data into TurboTax. If you do not utilize Apex Online, then you will need to follow the following steps:

• In the Apex User ID field, enter their account number. For example, account XXX-12345 would enter XXX12345 as their username.

• In the Apex Password field, you will enter the Tax ID number that is associated with the account. For most customers, this will be their Social Security Number.

• Click Continue. 

4. Once you select Continue and their login credentials are validated, you will be presented with a screen identifying which forms and information is available for import. Please follow the on-screen instructions to select the information you wish to include.

Please note: If you are unable to import your 1099 you can download the form from your account and enter it manually into TurboTax or provide it to your tax preparation professional.

For more information regarding your tax information, please check out our 1099 help article. 

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