When will my 1099 for the 2018 tax year be available?

Your 1099 tax forms has been posted.  We provide a consolidated 1099 form for the year.  

Why didn’t I receive a 1099?

If you did not sell stock or receive any dividend income (or less than $10) in 2018 you may not receive a 1099.  Please check your Stockpile account by February 15, 2019 to ensure you collect any 1099 posted to your account so you can complete your taxes.

How do I find my 1099?

Log into your Stockpile account on a computer browser, select “Documents” in the menu and select the 1099 for the 2018 tax year.  If you are using Google Chrome the document will automatically download to your computer.

What if my name is incorrect on my 1099?

You can help us update your name on your Stockpile account by sending a request to support@stockpile.com to complete a name change.  We will just need a copy of a valid photo ID.

What if my Social Security Number is wrong on my 1099?

Your 1099 will need to be reissued if your social security number is incorrect.  You can let us know by contacting support@stockpile.com.  We will need a copy of a valid photo ID and a copy of your Social Security card.

Can I connect directly to TurboTax to import my 1099?

Yes.  When your 1099 is available in your Stockpile account you will be able to import it directly into TurboTax.  You will not be able to import it sooner.  When you are completing your tax return and it is time to enter 1099 information you can use the TurboTax import feature.  

Here is how you can import your tax document to your TurboTax:

  • Search for “Apex” as your financial institution and then select “Apex Clearing Corporation”.  
  • Enter your account number listed on your account statements when prompted
  • For the password, enter your ITIN or SSN associated with your account when prompted
  • You are all set! 

If you are unable to import your 1099 you can download the form from your account and enter it manually into TurboTax or provide it to your tax preparation professional.

Please note: All 1099 data will be available to import into TurboTax by Sunday February 17th.  If you are unable to import your 1099 prior to that date you will need to manually enter your 1099 into TurboTax.

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