How do I change my email?

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Whether you have recently changed your email or no longer have access to your old email, you can update your email address with us as long as you still have access to your Stockpile account.

You do not need access to your old email address to make this change since all verification emails will be sent to your new email address.

To update your email using the app:

  • Open the sidebar menu

  • Tap “Account”

  • Tap “Change email”

  • Input your new email address

  • Tap the “Submit button”

  • You will receive a verification link sent to your email (be sure to check your Spam folder)

  • Open the link in the verification email

  • You will either be logged in automatically or need to log in with your old email address one last time and your current Stockpile password (this does not require you to know the login information for your old email address)

  • Answer the verification question

  • You'll know the process is complete once the system sends you back to the login screen

  • Use your new email address to log in, and you're all set

Contact Customer Care ( if:

  • You cannot remember the email associated with your Stockpile account

  • You no longer have access to the email associated with your Stockpile account

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