It's super easy to buy your first stock and you can purchase stock for only 99¢ using the cash available in your account when you link your bank. You can also use other payment methods* with a small additional transaction fee - such as Apple Pay, Credit Card, or Debit Card.

Follow these steps below to place an order:

  • Go to Search
  • Pick the company you want to invest
  • Enter how much you want to invest
  • Pick your payment method - and yes, 
  • Review and submit your order
  • Congrats! You just placed an order.

*Even though you can purchase stock using multiple payment methods, we cannot refund your money back to your Credit/Debit Cards due to the financial regulations.  Cancelled stock purchases using these methods are returned to your Stockpile account as a Gift Card.  It's kind of like store credit at a retail store.  You can find these gift cards in the Gift Card menu item in your Stockpile account.

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