It's super easy to buy your first stock using the cash available in your account when you link your bank. You can learn to link your bank by clicking here.

You can also use other payment methods such as Apple Pay and Debit Card. Please note that we cannot refund your money back to your Debit Cards due to the financial regulations of our heavily regulated industry.

Follow these steps below to place an order:

  • Go to Search

  • Pick the company you want to invest

  • Enter how much you want to invest

  • Pick your payment method

  • Review and submit your order

  • Congrats! You just placed an order.

​​Please note that Stockpile's current business model is that of the market on close business trading time. We process/execute trades each business day at 4:00 pm Eastern time based on the closing price; provided your order is entered before 3:00 pm Eastern time. If it's entered after that time it rolls over to the next business day.

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