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When will my Schedule K-1 be available?
When will my Schedule K-1 be available?

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Stockpile has a small number of publicly traded partnerships listed on our platform. Investors with these partnerships can expect a Schedule K-1 for preparing their taxes. Our clearing house, APEX Clearing, does not issue the Schedule K-1 and so it will not be posted directly to your Stockpile account for download like a consolidated 1099. You can view the anticipated date of the tax package availability for your partnership investment by visiting.   This website also provides contact information for the partnership if you have any questions about the tax documents.

  • Your Schedule K-1 tax package will most likely be mailed to you.  It will not be posted to your Stockpile account.

  • You can check the availability of tax packages from partnership investments at

  • You can contact the partnership directly for additional details.

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