We don't currently have a direct connection with financial management applications like Mint.com.  We know this is a bummer for die-hard Mint.com fans out there.  We're sorry.

There is simple way to include your Stockpile account with your other finances in Mint.com.  We can't help you connect but you can try these steps on your own:

  1. Log in to your Mint.com account

  2. Select "+Add Accounts" in the menu

  3. Select "Add a Property"

  4. When asked what type of Property, select "Cash"

  5. Finalize the setup of the account, name it Stockpile and add the value of your Stockpile account.

We know that workarounds can be pretty lame but at least it is something!  We will continue to evaluate if and when we add this direct connect feature.

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