Below is a list of Apex fees clients may incur depending on your account preferences and actions you take.

Lots of stuff at Stockpile is absolutely free!

  • Redeeming a gift card is free

  • Switching to another stock when you redeem is free

  • Linking your bank account is free

  • Incoming cash transfers (ACH) are free

  • Incoming cash transfers (wires) are free

  • Incoming account transfers (from another brokerage) are free

  • Outgoing cash transfers (ACH) are free 

  • Electronic statements, trade confirms, 1099s are free

  • Monthly account fees -- none

  • Minimum balance requirement -- none

Bank Transfers:

  • Bank Transfer (ACH) Incoming/Outgoing – $0/$0

  • Returned ACH (insufficient funds) & Recall/Stop Payments – $30 per failed transaction 

  • ACH Notice of Correction (NOC) Fee – $5 per notice

ACAT (Automated Customer Account Transfer):

  • ACAT Outgoing (Transferring to another brokerage) – $75 per account

  • ACAT Incoming (Transferring to Stockpile)– $0

Other Fees:

  • Outgoing cash (domestic wire)   $25

  • Wire amendment/repair   $30

  • Paper checks   $5

  • Old statements/confirms    1¢/page ($30 min)

  • Overnight courier (domestic)    $30

  • Voluntary/post actionable reorg    $50 per CUSIP

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