This is a fee charged by Apex Clearing (Stockpile's Clearinghouse) when they are unable to complete an initiated transfer.

Bank account transactions work just like checks. If they fail, our clearinghouse charges your account $30 per failed transaction. There are a few events that could trigger this fee. The most common ones are:

1 - Insufficient Funds: 

  • This happens when you don't have enough funds to cover your deposit in your bank account. 

2 - Inactive Bank Account:

  • This happens when you closed your bank account linked with your Stockpile account and didn't update it yet.

What Happens? 

  • You will receive an email from us explaining what happened

  • We lock your account to make sure that you don't incur any other fees

  • We cancel your Auto-Deposits if you have any scheduled

What Do You Need to Do?

What about Overdraft Fees I see on my bank account?

  • If you see an overdraft fee in your bank account statement, it is charged by your bank, not Stockpile. As we don't have any control over the fees charged by your bank, we suggest you call your bank and ask them to waive the fee as our clearinghouse couldn't complete your transaction. 

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