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Exchanging Stockpile Gifts for Retail Gift Cards
Exchanging Stockpile Gifts for Retail Gift Cards

Want to utilize your Stockpile Gift card differently than starting your investing journey? We offer a range of options for your convenience.

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Unable to Use the Stockpile Gift Card?

Stockpile Gift Cards are a unique and innovative way to introduce someone to the world of stock investing! However, if you are the recipient of a Stockpile Gift Card and find it challenging to establish a Stockpile brokerage account to redeem your gift, we have alternative solutions.

As a compliance measure, the Stockpile Gift Cards are refundable only to the original gift purchaser with verifiable proof of purchase. If you are unable to use the gift, you may notify the giver about the situation. They can then approach Stockpile Customer Care for a full refund.

If the gift giver prefers not to seek a refund, you have the option to exchange your Stockpile gift card for a retail gift card, such as one for To facilitate this, please reach out to Stockpile Customer Care. The representative will need to validate the proof of purchase for the gift before issuing you a retail gift card. Be prepared to provide the original purchaser's information for verification.

Expiration Date of the Gift Card

Stockpile gift cards do not carry an expiration date, providing you the freedom to redeem them at your convenience. You may choose to set up a brokerage account at a later date and utilize the gift card to purchase stocks and ETFs from over 4,500 options available at Stockpile. This flexibility allows you to embark on your investment journey when you are ready.

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