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How will I be charged the $4.95 monthly membership fee?
How will I be charged the $4.95 monthly membership fee?

Here’s how the cost of monthly membership will be withdrawn from your account.

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If you have more than $4.95 cash available in your account, the following will happen:

  • The amount will be withdrawn automatically from those funds.

  • If you oversee multiple custodial accounts, the monthly membership will be withdrawn from your account if you have one with enough available cash.

  • If not, the funds will be withdrawn from the oldest custodial account with available funds, based on the length of time since the account was first created on Stockpile.

If you have at least $4.95 in equity in your account even though you don’t have enough available cash in it, you can expect this to happen:

  • The most recent securities you purchased will be sold to cover the cost of the monthly membership.

  • You’ll receive a notification that they’ve been sold.

If you have less than $4.95 in equity in your account without enough available cash or securities, Stockpile will do the following by the end of the month:

  • Email you that there aren’t enough assets in your account to process the payment.

  • Give you 29 days to deposit $4.95 into your account using your debit card or linked bank account.

  • Sell your most recently purchased securities and close your account after the 29-day extension period, if you chose to take no action to add enough funds to process the payment for the monthly membership. (See terms and conditions.)

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