With Stockpile making a switch to being a mobile only investment brokerage, we understand that some users might not be able to continue their investment journey with us. While we are saddened by this, we love that we were able to be part of this adventure so far. If you have a mobile device then you would be able to download the application, and continue to utilize Stockpile to invest.

If you don’t have a mobile device that can support Stockpile, then you may have a few alternatives that you might be able to take. If you are a Mac User, you will want to check out this handy guide. If you are using a PC or Chromebook, then check this out.

If you won’t be switching over, your account will still be open, but access may be limited until you can utilize a device able to run Stockpile. You would be able to close your account as well, or transfer assets in your brokerage account as well to a new brokerage.

If you want to close your account, then simply reach out to support@stockpile.com and let us know. You will want to specifically state that you are wanting “to liquidate your assets in your account, and have these funds sent to your address on file". From there your stocks would be sold at the next trade window after this request has been received, and a check will be sent to you, that normally takes 10-14 days to receive.

You would be able to reach the support team as well if you have closed your account and need any documents such as statements or tax forms.

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