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Found A Website Claiming To Be Us?

How to report fraudulent or potentially suspicious websites to Stockpile

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We recently found a website claiming to be Stockpile. If you are attempting to visit the website, you will be redirected to our site, here.

Unfortunately, we believe the former owners of were attempting to defraud individuals using our image and likeness, which is why we worked with legal counsel and international organizations to take the site down. If you have previously interacted with, including placing trades or transfers of funds, you can contact your local law enforcement.

Furthermore, if you have concerns about the safety of your personal information or feel like you may have been defrauded, please head to this website for information that may be helpful

The security and protection of our customers are our top priority. If you are unsure whether the URL of a website you are using belongs to Stockpile, you can feel free to reach out to Stockpile Support at to verify it.

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