We’re not big fans of fees, so we try hard to minimize them everywhere we possibly can.

Buying or selling stock

Free if you pay with cash

If you want to buy stock for yourself using cash in your Stockpile account, each trade is free.  To buy $50 of Apple stock, you'll pay $50.

Free if you pay with a debit card

If you don’t have enough cash in your Stockpile account (or if you don’t have an account yet), no worries!  You can buy stock with your debit card.  Just make sure you aren’t logged in and click here.  So if you want to buy $50 of Apple stock, it'll cost $50.

Free to sell

Sell trades are free too.

Giving an e-gift of stock

No Service Charges or Fees

Giving physical gift cards

No Service Charges or Fees

Our physical gift cards come in three sizes: $25, $50, and $100. For orders over $100 you get free shipping! Go to https://www.stockpilegifts.com/ to purchase physical gifts.

*Stockpile Gift Cards are not available for purchase in Connecticut (CT)*

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