How to link a debit card for funding

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We try to make it as easy as possible to fund your Stockpile account. Aside from a linked bank account, you can also use a debit card to move cash into your account and buy stock instantly with up to $200 (per day).

In order to link a debit card to your stockpile account for use:

  • Open the sidebar menu

  • Tap on Banking

  • Tap on Get Cash from bank

  • Choose Instant Transfer (The first time around, you'll need to "add a new debit card." From then on, you can select it as your saved card.)

  • Enter the amount of cash you want to transfer and hit Get cash

  • Your cash will be transferred to your account at which point you would then be able to invest how you want.

Keep in mind that most banks limit your transfer requests to the amount you have in the bank. If you need to remove a linked debit card or have any questions, please contact us at

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