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What can I do at Stockpile?
What can I do at Stockpile?

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Stockpile makes it easy and affordable to buy stock for yourself, or give gifts of stock to family or friends.  We have nearly a thousand different stocks, ETFs, and ADRs to choose from, and you can buy or give the exact dollar amount you want using fractional shares. For example, if Amazon is trading at $800 per share, you don’t need to come up with $800 to get started.  You can spend $80 to buy 0.1 shares of Amazon.

If you want to give a gift of stock, you can give a physical gift card or an e-gift.  We carry both kinds because sometimes you want to have something you can put in a birthday card or Christmas stocking.  Other times, you need to send a gift instantly or to someone who's far away, and an e-gift is perfect.  

Once you buy your stock (or redeem a gift card someone gave you), you’ll have real stock in a real brokerage account.  The stock will go up and down with the market.  For example, if Amazon stock goes up 10% to $880 per share, your 0.1 shares will be worth $88. You can hold on to your stock and track its progress, buy more Amazon or other stocks, or cash out of your stock by selling it whenever you want.

  • All investments involve risk. Returns are not guaranteed and as a result you may lose some or all of your investment. Past performance of a security, market or financial product does not guarantee future results.

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