If you use the Manual Linking method to link your bank account , you will receive 2 small deposits from "APEX Clearing." Please allow up to 3 business day for the micro-deposits to show up in your bank account. These deposits have expiration dates and will be withdrawn once they expire so we suggest you enter them in as soon as you see those amounts in your account.

Once the 2 small transfers show up in your bank account go to your Stockpile app to verify your account:

  • Tap Complete Bank Link

  • Enter the 2 deposit amounts 

You only need to enter the number after the decimal:

  • For example: if you receive $0.05 and $0.12, enter "05" and "12" 

FYI, the sole purpose of these 2 small amounts is to verify your bank account.

Pro Tip: 

  • If you're linking the same bank account to a few Stockpile accounts, you'll need to do each link separately. You'll want to initiate each link a few days apart so your secret deposits don't get mixed up in your bank account. 

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