We’re not big fans of fees, so we try hard to minimize them everywhere we possibly can.

Buying or selling stock

99¢ if you pay with cash

If you want to buy stock for yourself using cash in your Stockpile account, each trade is only 99¢.  To buy $50 of Apple stock, you'll pay $50.99.

99¢ + 3% if you pay with a credit/debit card

If you don’t have enough cash in your Stockpile account (or if you don’t have an account yet), no worries!  You can buy stock with your credit or debit card.  Just make sure you aren’t logged in and click here.  You’ll pay 99¢ plus 3% to cover credit/debit card fees.  So if you want to buy $50 of Apple stock, it'll cost $50 + $0.99 + $1.50 = $52.49.

99¢ to sell

Sell trades are 99¢ too.  So if you sell half a share of Apple at $140 per share, you'll get $70 - $0.99 = $69.01.

Giving an e-gift of stock

$2.99 for first stock + 99¢ per additional stock + 3% credit/debit card fee

Our gift cards are priced like those Visa or American Express gift cards you see at the store.  We charge a small fee on top of the face value, but it's not to rip you off.  It's to cover the trading commission and credit card fees so your recipient doesn’t have to pay them.  (It would be a bummer if your recipient got a $50 gift card but ended up with less than $50 of stock, don't you think?)

Since each additional stock is only 99 cents, the more stocks you add to your cart, the more you save.

Example 1:  Giving Jack one stock

If you give Jack one stock, the gifting fee is $2.99 + 3%.  To give $100 of Nike stock, for example, you’ll pay $100 + $2.99 + $3.00 = $105.99.

Example 2:  Giving Jack a few stocks

Give Jack a few more stocks and it’s 99¢ + 3% for each additional stock.  So if you also give $25 of Under Armour, it’ll be an extra $25 + $0.99 + $0.75 = $26.74.

Example 3:  Giving stock to Jack and Jill

If you add more recipients to the same order, every stock you give them is 99¢ + 3%.  If you also give $100 of Facebook to Jill, it’ll be an extra $100 + $0.99 + $3.00 = $103.99.

Giving physical gift cards

$4.95 to $7.95, depending on the face value

Our physical gift cards come in three sizes: $25, $50, and $100. The larger the purchase, the bigger the credit card fee, so our gifting fee is a little higher for bigger cards.  You’ll pay a total of $29.95 for $25 of stock, $56.95 for $50 of stock, and $107.95 for $100 of stock.  The fee covers credit/debit card fees, trading commission, and the cost of making the plastic card so your recipient doesn’t pay anything when redeeming your gift.

If you order 3 or more cards at gifts.stockpile.com, you get free shipping!

Lots of stuff at Stockpile is absolutely free!

Redeeming a gift card is free

Switching to another stock when you redeem is free

Re-gifting a gift card to someone else is free

Linking your bank account is free

Incoming cash transfers (ACH) are free

Incoming cash transfers (wires) are free

Incoming account transfers (from another brokerage) are free

Outgoing cash transfers (ACH) are free 

Electronic statements, trade confirms, 1099s are free

Monthly account fees -- none

Minimum balance requirement -- none

One fee to watch out for!

Insufficient funds when you get cash from your bank      $30

We hate this fee, but this is what the bank charges us when it happens, and we want to save you from ever having to pay it! Just make sure you have enough cash in your bank account before you try to transfer any cash to Stockpile.

Obscure fees that don't happen very often

Outgoing cash (domestic wire)   $25

Wire amendment/repair   $30

Paper checks   $5

Returned check, ACH, wire, recall, stop payment   $30

ACH notice of correction   $5

Old statements/confirms    1¢/page ($30 min)

Overnight courier (domestic)    $30

Transferring stocks to another brokerage    $75 

Voluntary/post actionable reorg    $50 per CUSIP

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