At Stockpile, kids and teens can set up their own login to a custodial account so they can track their stocks on their own. They can even place stock trades that go to you (the adult on the account) for approval.

Setting up a minor's login is easy:

  • Log in with your own credentials and select the minor's account using the green circles along the left
  • Select "Profile" (highlighted in blue below)
  • Have your kid or teen enter their email address and create a password.

We'll send a quick email to your kid or teen to verify the email address, and once they do so, their login will be all set! 

Rest assured, though, that you're always in the driver's seat. You can always log in to the account using your own credentials and update your kid or teen’s email address or password. Just go to their custodial account and click on 'Edit'. 

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