There are two ways to move cash between your Stockpile account and your bank account.  The first way (linked bank) enables you to move cash in and out of your Stockpile account.  It takes 3 business days for the cash to show up, and it's free of charge.  The second way (debit card) allows you to move cash in instantly, for a small fee.

Using a linked bank (allow 3 business days, FREE)

We recommend all Stockpile customers to set up a bank link ahead of time so it's there when you need it.  With a linked bank, you can transfer cash for free anytime you want.

To link your bank account, you'll want to be sure it's a checking account. Click on  "Cash & Stock" on the left panel in your dashboard (or just click here:  link your bank).  When you see the "Link Bank Account" tile, click on "Link Bank."

Choose your bank from the list, and if you enter your ID and password successfully, your bank will be linked!

If you don't see your bank listed, click on "I have a different bank" and enter your bank's routing number and account number.  (This information is at the bottom left of your checks.)  A few business days later, you'll see two tiny deposits from "Apex Clearing" magically appear in your checking account.  Log in to Stockpile and tell us what those secret deposits are.  This proves that the checking account belongs to you -- we don't want someone else messing with your money.

Now that your bank is linked, you're good to go!  Click "Transfer cash" on the Cash tile, and allow 3 business days for transfers.  

Two quick tips:  

  1. If you're linking the same bank account to a few Stockpile accounts, you'll need to do each link separately.  (Bummer, we know — we're working on a solution here.)  You'll want to initiate each link a few days apart so your secret deposits don't get mixed up in your bank account.  
  2. Please be sure you have enough cash in your checking account before you transfer any cash to Stockpile.  There's a $30 fee for insufficient funds — a fee we hate, but this is what the bank charges when it happens, and we want to save you from ever having to pay it.

Using your debit card (INSTANT, debit card fee applies)

This is the way to go if you want to get money into your Stockpile account now and don't want to wait a few days.

To do this, click "Transfer cash" on the Cash tile in your dashboard, then "Get cash from bank," then enter the dollar amount you want to transfer.   On the next screen, click on "Instantly."  The first time around, you'll need to "add new debit card."  From then on, you can just pull up your saved card.

Different debit cards charge different amounts for cash transfers.  Most cards charge a flat 25¢, and the rest charge 2% of the transaction amount.  Once we know what card you're using, we'll let you know (on the confirmation screen) what the fee will be.  Keep in mind that your bank will probably limit your transfer to how much you have in your account.

Debit card transfers are available 7 days per week from 7 am to 8:30 pm ET.  The best we can figure, our bank needs its beauty sleep :)

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