Do you have a custodial account for one of your kids and want to open accounts for your other kids?  

Do you have a custodial account and want to open an individual account for yourself, or vice versa?

It's easy to do.  Just follow these steps!  (The screenshots show how you add  a custodial account.)

  1. Log in to your existing account
  2. Click this link to add an account, or click the "Add Account" button on the lower left of your dashboard: 

3. Once you do that, you'll see this screen where you can set up your new account.

4.  Repeat steps 2 and 3 for as many accounts as you want to add!  Your log-in will automatically access all of the accounts.

5.  Note:  If the account you're trying to add is for someone who's 18 or older, they'll have to do it themselves instead!  It can't be added to your log-in.

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