August 22, 2018

We are working on an issue today where graphs are not refreshing or may be showing $0.  Our engineers are investigating and making the necessary updates.  We have found some delays with our data feeds and are getting those fixed and all caught up. Thank you for your patience as we work hard to resolve this.

UPDATE: Aug 23 9:00 AM Pacific Time
- The graphs and stats on the Stockpile mobile app updated overnight.  The Stockpile web graph is showing the correct value today.  We are looking into the ability to correct yesterday's data point in the web graph.

UPDATE: 4:30 PM Pacific Time
- The graphs and stats continue to update on the Stockpile mobile app.  They should continue to update and become more accurate as the data is refreshed.  The main graph on the Stockpile web app may still show only the cash balance for some customers.  You can use the Stockpile mobile app to see updated information until we resolve the issue on the web.  The next update will be provided tomorrow morning.

UPDATE: 1:30 PM Pacific Time - We continue to work on the graphs on web.  Mobile data/graphs are currently updating with today's data and should return to normal soon.

UPDATE:  11:30 AM Pacific Time - Graphs on the web (when logged into your Stockpile account through a web browser) are only reflecting the available cash balance.  Graphs on the Stockpile mobile app may be showing data as of yesterday.  Engineers continue to investigate the issue.

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