We currently allow you to link only one bank checking account at a time to any given Stockpile account. You can unlink your existing bank account using the Stockpile mobile app if you would like to add a new account.

Why are we being so restrictive? It's because money launderers and other bad guys love moving money in from one account and out to another. It's a favorite trick in their playbook, and as a U.S. financial institution, we have to guard against it.

Unlinking your bank account using the Stockpile mobile app:

  • Select the menu on the left hand side of the app
  • Select the Banking menu, this will open the Cash Management page
  • You will see the option for "Bank account and cards" at the bottom of the Cash Management page
  • Select your bank account and you will be presented with the option to "Unlink Bank Account"

 Please note: 

  • If you have any recent cash deposits from your current bank account your cash withdrawals to the new bank account may be delayed for additional review.
  • If you have any cash deposits or withdrawals currently processing this option will not be available. Once transactions have finished processing this option will be available to use.
  • You will be able to link a new bank account 30 minutes after the old link is removed.

Unlinking your bank account using the Stockpile web through a browser:

  • Select the Settings menu item on the left hand side of the screen
  • On the Settings page, scroll down to the Linked Bank Account section
  • Select "Unlink"

Don't see the "Bank account and cards" option in the Banking menu? Make sure that you are updated to the latest version of the Stockpile app from your phone's app store.

·  Android - Stockpile version 3.1.6 or later

·  iPhone - Stockpile version 4.1.6 or later

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