Re-gifting a Stockpile gift card will allow your eGift of stock to go to someone else. The recipient will see that the eGift was sent from you and the original sender will be notified that their eGift was claimed.  Follow the steps below or refer to the illustrated examples:

  1. Click "Redeem your gift" if you are receiving an eGift
  2. Click "Not sure you want this stock"
  3. Click "Regift to someone else"
  4. Enter the recipient's name and choose the stock you would like to regift. If you'd like to regift the same stock, you can simply enter the recipient's name and click "Continue"
  5. You will need to redeem the e-gift to your account first, even though you will be sending it to someone else. Choose the account that you would like to redeem the stock 
  6. Click Regift.  Your eGift should be on its way!

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