At Stockpile, you can buy stock using a credit card, debit card, or even PayPal. Here's how:

If you're new to Stockpile and don't have an account yet, click here to pick a stock and dollar amount, pay using your debit or credit card, and sign up for an account to hold your stock.  If you do this on a weekday before 3 pm ET, you'll have your stock by dinnertime.  It's the fastest way ever to buy stock!

If you already have a Stockpile account, you can still buy stock with a debit or credit card.  Just be sure you're logged out of your account and then follow the steps above.  After you complete your purchase, you'll be prompted to sign in (see screenshot below) and your trade will be placed:

Two quick things:

  1. Once you have a Stockpile account, you can save lots of money with a little planning ahead!  Link your bank account and move cash in so it's there anytime you want to buy stock.  You'll pay only 99¢ a trade, with no credit/debit card fee.
  2. We limit purchases using a credit/debit card to $200, but it's not to make life difficult for you!  It's because credit/debit card fees can add up, and we want your money to build wealth for you, not your credit card company :)


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